Chuck A Stetson – Connecticut Poet and Photographer


Chuck A Stetson is a published Connecticut poet and photographer. When he isn’tdaydreaming, you might find him on the backroads of New England with borrowed camera documenting what he thinks he sees.

In the December Grey by Chuck A Stetson

after Satan laughs
it begins
there will be no Vicodin today

In the parking lot a shadowy figure mumbled a kind of

hello. At first I thought him a hallucination, but with the

sun breaking through the bleakness and codeine deprivation

vice-gripping my brain, I recognized Gary’s black onyx ring

loosely fit on his crooked right ring finger. How I hated him, once

a friend, now a specter, a haunting reminder of when my boys

were young and I still called Fran my wife.
more ghosts jump from
a worn Altoid’s tin

Gary lit a hand rolled cigarette; desolation swirled around his acrid plume.

I breathed in the heaviness; I exhaled a tired breath.



sweat, chills… damned this crawling skin

Why a computer programmer chose to rob banks after his divorce, I’ve no

answer. Eight years in a Michigan prison, a lifetime… shit, prison life is an

oxymoron; his soul’s forever an inmate. His children, his friends, all moved on.

I knew this about Gary…

$40 for 20mg

Satan accepts credit

Gary doesn’t

And my lockup is measured in cravings, milligrams, broken promises and

disillusioned children — mine, Fran’s, ours. There will be no Vicodin today,

I am broke… broken in the December grey.

© chuck a stetson 2012

A stunning image by Chuck….

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